Pet Sitting

If you’re going out of town and want someone trustworthy to watch your home and your dog, we’ve got you covered! I will come out to your house and stay with your dog where they are most comfortable and secure. They will get to follow their regular routine in their regular place which will help lessen the stress of the oddness of you being away. I can give medications, follow special diet instructions, and even keep up with a training plan (so that you come home to a pooch that’s better than before).

While I am watching your home I will also water your plants, collect your mail, and do whatever routine tasks need to be taken care of. If you have other pets such as cats, hamsters, fish, horses, goats, or guinea pigs -or any other furry, scaled, or feathered creature- that will need care in your absence they will be safe as well. I have experience with a vast array of critters, so just let me know what needs done, and enjoy your trip.


$50 per night. 

$15 for second dog.

$10 for third dog.

Email to ask about price for additional animals, prices depend on situation. I.e. no charge for barn cats that just need fed, but extra cost for elderly cat that needs meds twice daily.