Services Offered

We offer a variety of training options to suit all needs. Behavioral rehabilitation for aggressive or anxious dogs, basic manners for unruly family members, as well as complete puppy raising and socialization programs. In all programs your will learn all their basic commands as well as the skills they need to be calm and confident in all situations. You can choose from in-home sessions where I will demonstrate to you how to teach your dog important skills, or your dog can come stay with me where I will teach them all their manners and commands and then show you how to continue to enforce these things at home.

This is a good option for dogs with more serious behavioral issues, or owners with limited time. I will bring them into my home for a couple of weeks to a month, depending on the severity of the problem behaviors. During this time they will learn all their basic commands: sit, down, go to your bed, come, stay, and leave-it. They will be proofed in a variety of high-intensity situations and around people and other animals. Your dog will even accompany me into town, parks, and stores to really test and proof what they have learned. After the program is finished I will meet with you to cover all the things the dog has learned and how to continue training at home.

This is also a great option to ensure your puppy has a great start to their training and socialization.

This option is great for dogs in need of some basic manners, or owners who want better communication skills with their pups. I will come to your home and over the course of an hour to and hour and a half demonstrate how to solve basic problems, as well as teach new skills and commands.

If you want to continue training even further we can do a series of sessions where we can advance upon learned behaviors and work on learning new complex skills as well. This would be things like long-distance and sustained stays, proofing the recall, and building off-leash skills.